February 9, 2011

An Idea for Marysville

2 years ago today, the smoke has not cleared, the fires of Black Saturday are still burning, threatening the townships of Alexandra and Yea. People who have evacuated from Marysville are in tents in Alexandra and still surrounded by the smell and palls of smoke being generated.

The news reports showed face after face of people I know, struggling to cope, struggling to comprehend the loss of everything they have known. From simple things like the favourite pot to something as historic as generations of family photos albums.

I realised that not only did Marysville need help to rebuild, they needed something that was theirs and theirs alone. The idea of the cookbook came about from one person who'd lost everything except the melon patch. She couldn't remember her mothers recipe for her special jam. The idea of the Marysville Cookbook came about from that.

The amazing amount of $3700.00 has been raised and given back to Marysville - you can see the results and recipients here. Money Donated so far 1st April 2011, #13

This has been my way of helping, I've been the sole person behind the Cookbook.
For the cost of $35, anywhere in Australia, you too can share the photos of the old Marysville and recipes that I've put together, from every purchase the amount of $10 goes straight back to Marysville.

Purchase here Marysville Cookbook


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